Thursday, February 4, 2010

sounds like life

so i started this blog - then never shared the fact that it existed with anyone. i'm not really sure if anyone will be interested in my personal musings on life. well, if you're reading this, that means i pushed thru my hesitation and shared...if not - well, it can just be my little secret unloading space! (who knows what i'll do after hitting 'save' tonight)

what matters to me right now? well, for starters, i texted my husband today and thanked him for asking me to marry him <3 that really has made all the difference in the world in the life i feel grateful to be living.

at times life can feel like one challenge after another. right now our challenge seems to be 'broken' things. in fact i was so overwhelmed by all that is broken around here that i made a list of them last week. don't know why - maybe to get a grip on what needs to be tackled - and in what order. dumb idea. seriously. i don't recommend it. it actually just became a source of discouragement. just a few items on the list: broken water heater, broken dishwasher, broken kitchen drawer, broken honda clutch, broken jeep something or other, broken seal on bay window, broken fence boards, broken boat seats, broken bar stool, nearly broken leather on couch, broken leather seats in car, broken shower head...need i go on?

the other day i was working on pulling myself up out of my list-induced funk, when i remembered the chorus to a song that really says it all ~ the song is 'sounds like life to me' by darryl worley. even if you don't like country music, it's worth a listen. i like the song, because after a man unloads all his woes on his buddy, his friend responds..."sounds like life to me, it ain't no fantasy, it's just a common case of everyday reality. man i know it's tough but you gotta suck it up, to hear you talk you're caught up in some tragedy, but it sounds like life to me'.

well - if there's one thing i've learned in life - it's that NOone's life turns out the way they thought it would. so yesterday as i was praying, i asked heavenly father to help me put things back in perspective and get a grip on lifting my spirits back up. and you know...He did. as i thought of all that was broken, i realized that the really important things are not. i have neither broken children, nor a broken marriage, nor broken faith. and with those things in good shape - well, let everything else crumble if it will. sounds like life. i'm grateful to see again how blessed mine is! everytime i hand wash my dishes, or trade off the one working car with mark...i will feel blessed.


  1. thanks for sharing! this is a good reminder for me too. it seems like there is always something that needs to be "fixed" but you're right - when the things that matter are working right, it's all good!

  2. Hey, welcome to the Blogging World...I am so glad you decided to make one...I love the way you write...You are so amazing...I'll be catching your blog a lot!!!!


  3. Welcome to blogging. I am sure we will be blogstalking you. Thank you for the reminder of the truly important things in life.

  4. LOVE this post LOVE that your blogging!<3

  5. Blog on. This is good stuff. And, thanks for offering to let us share in your family travels......hope you keep this "journal" going. We've saved our Blog comments and photos and find that it is a great journal of our family activities and thoughts over the years that we've been doing it. Blog on. Kenn