Wednesday, February 17, 2010

family wall of fame

i issue weekly awards to our children. it is a family tradition we started in 2002. these awards are a wonderful way of journaling the little (and not so little) things in life. each week an award sheet with each child's recognition is printed, shared at fhe, and then kept in a book for that year. our kids look forward to finding out what they have been recognized for each week, and love looking at past awards for a little trip down memory lane. it has also been a great tool to help me not let a week go by without acknowledging their unique goodness, their accomplishments, and memories made that we want to always remember.

unfortunately i got off track after jenni had been away at school for awhile as it got harder to come up with things for her each week since we weren't there to see her life unfold. big things i got - little things were harder. so i started to keep a log going with weekly entries, but was inconsistent in printing up awards basically because i didn't have every child's box filled in. dumb! dumb! dumb! weekly awards are now on my "do-agains" list (see january 18 blog) no reason why the children who are home shouldn't still enjoy this log of their life and fhe highlight.

i also thought it would be great to include our weekly wall of fame awards on our blog so we can share them with family who are far away, and to add to the family journal element of our blog. (and maybe to assure that there's always something to regularly add to our blog)

so here are the 2010 awards to date.  i'll post them weekly after this.

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