Monday, January 18, 2010

new overs & do agains

this year is all about 'do-overs' and 'do-agains' rather than resolutions. after as many years as i've been setting resolutions, i realize they just seem to recycle this year i'm focusing on...

#1-'do-overs'...those "if-i-had-a-chance-to-do-it-over-i-would"... because i believe life is, in part, about 'doing over' until what we do actually works for us & those in our closest circles. i don't know a mom who doesn't wish she could do-over or do-better, a few things with her children. and with our two-halves family (one half gone to college/one half still at home) i will try to do-over and do-better as a mom with those still under my wing.

#2- 'do-agains'...i find it takes a conscious effort on my part these days to do-again (and again and again) happy hollow, bike rides, snow trips, easter egg hunts, play grounds and parks, cooking lessons, chore training, sewing instruction, after-school crafts, and family awards. far easier to get into the "been there, done that" mode, but must remind myself - cole and rochelle probably haven't. so this year i will focus on JOYfully doing...AGAIN!

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