Wednesday, February 17, 2010

the fam (minus mom & usual)

this was our family picture for 2009 - which we couldn't even take til 2010...the day before the girls left to go back to byu. it totally threw off the whole christmas card letter thing...but oh well. i love how this pic shows how grown up each child is getting to be - especially rochelle.


  1. Very fun picture!! (But I think you and Mark need to be included in one too!)

  2. you're right cheri. mark and i haven't been in a family picture since...before we had rochelle! (that's how little i like having my picture taken!) we actually almost had pictures taken with the WHOLE family with jana last week in utah, but then decided to wait until everyone is together again in california so we have more outdoor settings to choose from. so by this spring, or summer at the latest we'll get that done!