Friday, January 15, 2010

me? a blogger?

well - it was bound to joining the realm of bloggers. i love to read others' blogs - most of whom have no idea i'm reading them. i love the insights it gives me into their soul. into what matters most to them. into their life - as it is happening. and above all, i think i love the family journal it becomes. so my new venture for the new year/decade is to see if this will work for me. wish me luck as i venture into sharing 'what matters most' to the carliles ... or at least to THIS carlile.


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  1. Hi, Jonna. Blogging is totally an individual project; each blog being unique in many ways. Mine is mostly photos, which suits me fine. If you haven't seen it, it is I like your page. I've never tried to set up anything fancy; I've been lucky to find the time to post photos. One of these days..... Gwen