Monday, September 27, 2010

higher education

there is something amazing about how much we learn, the second time around, in our pursuit of education. the thing is, sometimes i think it's the pursuit of supporting our children's education that merits the greater higher degree. 

for example, i became an expert oceanographer this weekend, thanks to a project cole had to do for school.  we read a lot together, and then i read even more, to learn all i could to then translate it into simple 3rd grade terms.  and off to school he ran this morning with all the components he had created for a project he needed to assemble at school, and notes to help him create an informative essay in class.  i closed the front door after the routine morning calls of "bye! i love you!" ..."love you, too!" and returned to the table and the remains of his project preparations, and picked up one of the books and just kept reading.  this is cool stuff!

a couple weeks ago i was into entomology! cole caught a dragonfly. and suddenly we couldn't learn enough about them.  we read, researched and sat engrossed in youtube videos of dragonfly nymphs emerging from their life underwater, to break out of their old skin and become the dragonfly we're most familiar with.  well, mr. dragonfly died. but not to worry, two days later cole caught a praying mantis, and back to the internet, insect books, never before watched insect movies in our home library, and pet store we went, learning all we could learn.  we sounded like bug nerds, and i LOVED it! 

you know those little scout advancement pins boys put on their moms? well, there should be accompanying pins or certificates or diplomas or caps and gown for moms who do it all again...and again...relearning on new levels the many things their children need to learn...and surely much better than we ever did the first time around!

p.s. i do think i'll still leave the math pin for mark, however.  

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