Tuesday, August 24, 2010


i realize that several are wondering if i have abandoned the whole blog thing all together. so this is just a quick note to say...nope! just been on vacation.  actually, the biggest deterent to posting here - and uploading weekly awards has been that the hard drive that my pictures go on was finally filled to capacity. and my sweet husband wanted to do work on my computer before installing a new drive. but that finally happened this weekend! so i can now FINALLY upload pictures from the summer.  i have temporarily put some on his computer to make room on my camera. but haven't had easy access to any to do awards.  so i have just kept lists for our awards this summer - and plan on putting them in print format, and up on this blog - once everyone gets back to school.

for now, i'm enjoying having everyone home for the three short days that jenni will be here.  then i will probably be an emotional mess when she and brittany leave on thursday to go back to byu.  i have LOVED having brittany home this summer. she brings so much personality and laughter to our home.  and i love really catching up with who she is and where her heart is...in person.  may i say that i couldn't be prouder of her. 

sunday she received her patriarchal blessing.  what an experience it is for a parent to hear the Lord pronounce His vision of her and her mission in life. wow. that's all. just...wow! and i realize that while it was great timing for her - taking that fresh with her back to school, it was aweful timing for me - having such a spiritual experience together, seeing your child as a fully developed adult spirit - as lifelong potential, charges, and blessings are pronounced. that's a parent's payday, if there ever was one. realizing that you knew all along that they were an incredibly special spirit, and then having the Lord tell them the same...and more! a sweet experience, to be sure.  but then... to have them leave. well, it's all feeling very unfair.  and hard.  and sad.  and - so exciting - for her - all at the same time! 

hmmm...i think i'll close before i have to run for a kleenex!
oops! too late!

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