Sunday, May 2, 2010

let the remodel begin!

wow! a LOT has been accomplished in the past 4 days. as i mentioned back in jan or feb, it's high time that cole got a room that was meant for a boy, rather than a baby. so this week brittany and i (90% britt, 10% me) started removing old nursery wallpaper that was hung when i was pregnant with rochelle.  what a pain!  first moral of the story... NEVER hang wallpaper in your house! 

anyway, the room is now empty - but the rest of the house is a jumbled mess of everything taken out of it (and i mean EVERYthing).  in four days we've managed to remove all belongings, remove all the wallpaper, remove the chair molding, retexture the walls, prime the mildew prone walls, prime and paint his ceiling to floor bookcase, queen bed frame and under-bed drawers, and his dresser.  oh yes ... AND his room!  we also painted accent trim molding for the walls, and shampooed the carpets.  am i ever ready for a day of rest! 

monday we should be able to put the furniture back in and then start the lovely task of unloading the boxes back into his room (a great time to sort and purge).  then, of course, brittany will begin to 'accessorize' (the fun part).  actually, painting was pretty fun, too, because that's when the new look began to materialize.  the room went from patchwork pastels, to a deep and bright almost aqua-blue! it is such a vibrant great color. the ceiling and upper nine inches of the walls are white and there's a thin black wood trim separating the white and blue.  the furniture is also all black now.  we'll be throwing in some red accents as well - as that was cole's only request. 

it's fun how updating a single room can update a whole house! (well, i'm trusting that's how it will be once cole's stuff is no longer spread thru every room in the house!)  good thing brittany doesn't start work for another week!

p.s. yes...before and after pictures will be posted...soon

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