Saturday, February 19, 2011

Carliles are...revision number ? (I lost count!)

Brittany and I had a long talk about our Carlile Family Identity last night and decided a couple things were still missing. Only problem to add one of them in without sounding bratty.  I mean, really? "Carliles Get What They Want"...nope, makes me cringe! And yet we talked about how they've always been taught to go after things the things they want. Talk to the manager, principal, teacher, director. Collect your thoughts. Present your plan. Lobby your cause to the people who can make it happen. ASK. Not in a bratty or entitled way, but with confidence, respect - and earnestness.  

It happened again this week - a little thing, but not really. Mark gives his daughters flowers on Valentines Day. He always has. He wants them to know that he is their #1 Valentine - until their Eternal Valentine comes along.

Well, lets just say a certain Provo florist didn't exactly deliver Jenni and Brittany's flowers, but instead, left Mark a message that they'd made an attempt to deliver them, but since no one was home they left a tag letting them know they could come pick them up at their convenience. REALLY? You're joking, right? I said "Give me their number."   (Yes, I could hear him rolling his eyes) I called the florist and explained that one daughter had no car, the other gets home later in the evening, and that the "pick up" option defeated the sweet treasure of having your Daddy have flowers delivered to you from three states away, and by the time they could get them - Valentines Day would be over. You certainly wouldn't expect a wife, girlfriend or fiance to "come and get them", and this really should be no different. They explained that the cold weather precluded them from leaving flowers when no one is home, but I explained (which the delivery person had to have known) that they live in enclosed corridored condos, and I gave them permission to leave them...which, by the way, they promptly returned to do.  See. Lobby your cause. Get results.

Jenni will soon enjoy the fruits of going after what she wants in bigger way. She will soon finish up her student teaching in 4th grade. Her first choice for her next placement was in the Kindergarten on the BYU campus, but almost a year ago she was told that it was their policy to not allow student teaching placements there. She had several good reasons why she wanted that placement, and, as Carliles do, she went for it anyway. She identified reasons she felt it would be a good placement, lobbied her cause to the people who set the policies, heard thru the grapevine that they might consider it, and then waited....for MONTHS.  Well, she texted me this week that her second student teaching placement would in fact be in the BYU Kindergarten!! It really was against the odds, but see...that's what Carliles do. We ask & lobby our cause. I texted her back..."Way to go for what you want...and get it!

That's it! ...Carliles Get What They Want...Carliles Go After What They Want! (Doesn't sound too bratty, does it?)  I have updated our list in the last post to include it...and a couple more. The other two were pretty important to us as well. See if you can find them. This is definitely a 'work in progress', but well worth the effort.

I love being a Carlile. I love having a family identity! And most of all - I love that our children are clear on what that identity is!

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