Thursday, June 24, 2010

back from 'vacation'

well, i knew it would happen.  it does every year.  i skip a week of awards.  then i get behind.  then i scramble to catch up, which seems to happen the same week i have too much on my plate.  then i leave town, and finally my kids start to say...'what about our awards?'. 

i like posting awards weekly on our blog - because, besides being a great way for family to keep up with our life, i know others are checking in periodically looking for them. it has kept me on my toes to not get behind. but...well...ha!  now you all get a glimpse into carlile reality. 

reality is, our routines aren't always exactly...routine.  our reality has also been about sharing some great times with family these past few weeks - which has kept me from the computer.  and reality is...i like that break! a lot sometimes!  but reality is also my commitment to document our life happenings, accomplishments, and joys...eventually...even if not in the actual moment.  so i will be posting the past month's worth of awards in the next few days.

the truth is, i am excited to get them done, as we've had some great times, super accomplishments, and the happiest of happy celebrations that we want recorded for sure! so...stay tuned!

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