Monday, April 12, 2010

d&c 25:12

last night i participated in a music fireside with the temple hill choral singers. it was our 'i walked today where Jesus walked' fireside. this was the 32nd time we have performed this fireside in the last 7 years. this time it was in concord. we share this all over the bay area, and beyond. we even did a pacific northwest tour two years ago, performing from medford, oregon to seattle, washington.

two weeks ago we shared this fireside up in fairfield. i was so sad that because of prolonged illness and perpetual coughing spells, i couldn't sing. so instead, i ran the slides that accompany the music. it turned out to be one of the choir's most beautiful performances ever. for a while i was so sad that i wasn't singing. but then i decided to just soak in the special opportunity it was to be on the viewing end this time, seeing it as those who are in attendance experience it every time. it's been a long time since i have had the chance to do that, and the combination of the beautiful choir music & voices, the richness and depth added by the orchestra members, the stirring visuals, and the powerful spirit that accompanied all of it, well - it was simply moving.

i thought back to seven years or so ago when i was asked to create the visuals for this fireside. there are nearly 300 slides that accompany the music and narrations. it was a terribly overwhelming task the first time i put it together. a huge undertaking. but as a result of that assignment, and the years of continuing to search, collect and add to the collection, those visuals have become quite literaly a sacred and very holy part of my life. i now have over 1700 gospel-related images on my computer. artwork of the savior moves me in a very unique way.

last week rochelle and i went to a good friday event at a local church, where you move individually, station by station, thru depictions of events of the last week of the savior's life - which give you an opportunity to reflect on how each affects you personally. it was so moving. as we entered the santuary there was an introductory area where a variety of pieces of art of this period of the savior's life were hanging, interwoven with scriptures and written commentary. i stood and wept - looking at some of the paintings. there are no words to describe my feelings for sacred art. i looked over at rochelle, and she, too, had tears in her eyes, and i knew we were feeling the same spirit moving us thru art. there must be a special place in heaven for those who express their testimony of their Savior on canvas.

last night was the first time we shared our music fireside since that special night with rochelle. this time she ran the slides, and i, gratefully, was able to sing again. i soaked in every note of every song. we open with one of my favorite pieces 'majesty and glory'. i honestly cannot think of a single time i have sung this song without it moving me to tears. not once. 'as i gaze into the night sky and see the work of thy fingers. the moon and stars suspended in space. oh what is man that thou are mindful of him?' and on we sang. i sat there in between songs thinking of d&c 25:12 "for my soul delighteth in the song of the heart, yeah, the song of the righteous is a prayer unto me, and it shall be answered with a blessing upon their head". those 17 songs truly are prayers...each one expressing a prayer of my heart - some are prayers of supplication, some of humility, and others are prayers of gratitude, praise and adoration.

majesty and glory / morning has broken / my shepherd will supply my needs / for God so loved the world / as at the river jordan / come unto him / i walked today where jesus walked / consider the lilies / jerusalem the gold / he shall feed his flock / thy will be done / his hands / and then he died for me / where can i turn for peace / all creatures of our god and king / this is the christ / he is the root.

truly, these 'songs of the righteous' have been answered with a blessing upon my head...and upon my heart...and deep withing the depths of my soul. i thank my father in heaven over and over again for this sacred and treasured dimension of my life.


  1. We want you all in Vancouver. On your next PNWest Tour, put Vancouver West Stake on your schedule. Sounds wonderful. Kenn

  2. Oh, my memory is failing. I thought back to a few years ago when you did just that. Ok. well, lets do it again. Halfzheimers. Kenn

  3. we were talking in the choir about a tour in 2011. we had such a great experience up your way, we would do it again in a heartbeat! the other area being considered for a 2011 tour is arizona. i'll keep you posted on their decision.

    p.s. is your profile pic for 'kenn' when you were working on brittany?

  4. Jonna, thanks for sharing your thoughts on this amazing music. Every time we schedule this I wonder when will the choir become complacent or tired of singing this music. But each time is a special experience - and that's without the choir members even being able to see your wonderful collection of slides. We are working to release the CD as soon as we get all the permissions required from the publishers. Thank you so much for your contributions to all these beautiful music firesides and choir concerts over the years.